Hello Big Band Fans!

I started trying to form this band in August of ’09.  We started having rehearsals in October.  There are a few original members still attending..  (Mike Maida, Michael Robles, and Phil Saindon.  Dave Offen might have been there very early on too.)  We’ve been rehearsing in Sunnyvale since February of 2010.  I conceived of the band as an all ages group with a flexible lineup, that could play for dances and other events in the community.  We would focus on the classic big band sound, and play a variety of styles.

Some info about me:
Played sax from middle school through college, got involved in barbershop quartet singing after that.  This is the first group I have led.  I was inspired to create it because of a community band I played in while I was still in high school, The Fabulous Esquires.  (http://www.esquires.org/)  I am a computer programmer professionally, making video games.


Hello Big Band Fans! — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Robert, I recognioze your excellent guitar player Cliff Samoranos, a freind of mine from High Scoll and college. We played together in a couple of different bands and settings. Give him my regards. I play trombone, perhaps I may sit in or join you some day if I get my chopps back up to speed :-)


  2. Hi Ramon,

    This is John Fitzhugh, one of the trombone players in Top Shelf. Yes, please come sit in with us any time! It’s always fun to meet new trombone players. We welcome any visitors, to play along or even just to watch. Clifford is a GREAT guitar player, talk to him or email our director (Rob: topshelf.bigband@gmail.com) to sit in sometime. Thanks!

    -John Fitzhugh, trombone

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